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Meet Paige Wallis: Fitness Instructor at PW Fitness Studio Quadring

Paige Willis

I'm Paige Wallis, the founder and lead fitness instructor at PW Fitness, dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive and motivating environment.

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Fitness has always been a cornerstone of my life.

Growing up with a love for athletics, I pursued my passion for health and wellness by earning degrees in Applied Sports Coaching Exercise and Applied Health and Exercise.


With over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry, I founded PW Fitness to create a space where individuals of all fitness levels can thrive and transform their lives.

My goals is to help motivate, encourage and make a difference to your life. Fitness can be fun and enjoyable but also help and change your outlook on life. In the safe and fun environment of my private home gym, you can make that difference you’ve always wanted too. Join my team today!

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Join Our Fitness Community

At PW Fitness, we embrace the strength of community to enhance your fitness journey. Connect with us and fellow fitness enthusiasts on our lively Instagram page.

Follow us for daily motivation, workout advice, client achievements, and exclusive insights into our training sessions.

Become a part of our expanding online community and enjoy the encouragement, inspiration, and unity that defines PW Fitness. Together, we'll reach new heights!

Highly recommend everyone to Paige! I’ve never been in a gym environment before and was needing some real guidance into the world and Paige was the perfect lady to guide and support me into it! Such a welcoming and lovely safe place, such a positive attitude towards her work and very encouraging!
Has some fab knowledge and has really helped guide me into a love for it myself too! Amazing, thank you 👏🏼

-Chloe B

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Begin Your Fitness Journey with ME

Experience personalised fitness at PW Fitness with expert trainer Paige Wallis. Benefit from tailored training programmes, community engagement, and exclusive workshops. Join our supportive fitness community and achieve your goals with us!

Book your consultation online now to embark on a transformative fitness experience.

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